Until One has Loved an Animal, a Part of One's Soul Remains Unawakened

~ Anatole France ~

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Adopt Don't Shop

Adopting a pet is a responsible and fulfilling choice that benefits both the animal and the adopter. It saves a life, supports MAWA shelters, and leads to a strong bond. Shopping for a pet, however, fuels the cruel puppy mill industry and takes away homes from animals in need. Adoption provides a loving home to a homeless pet and helps reduce overpopulation. Choose adoption to improve the welfare of animals and bring joy to your life.

Nationwide Stray Management

Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA) has launched a nationwide program to address the growing number of stray animals in the country. The initiative aims to educate the public and manage existing strays with a comprehensive program that includes effective control and management, monitoring, regulation, veterinary services, volunteer programs, and public alerts. The program will also reduce animal suffering through improved care methods.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to neuter, protect, feed and rehome the strays. We are against killing strays and believe in giving them a second chance to live.

Malaysian Animal Welfare Association is an animal welfare NGO which strives to protect animal rights nation wide.

All in all, with thousands of animals saved off the streets and cared for every year, we hope to encourage pet adoptions to happen! Saving thousands of homeless animals every year, we sincerely hope that each one of them will one day be adopted by a loving & caring family!

MAWA Shelter_Success Story

Our Evergreen Success Story

A Malaysian girl, 4 year old Madhushree, became a hero after saving a puppy from a sewer. The story went viral after MyForeverDoggo, a platform dedicated to connecting dog shelters and adopters shared it. Madhushree is the daughter of the founder of the Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA). Her father heard a noise from the sewer and realized it was too small for him to access, so Madhushree crawled in and rescued the puppy, which they named Princess Bujji. The story has been well-received online, with many praising Madhushree's selflessness and her father for raising such a kind daughter. Full article here.


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