Nationwide Stray Management Program

Tackling Malaysia's Stray Animal Crisis: MAWA's Nationwide Program

We are all aware of the growing number of stray animals in our country. While there have been efforts to tackle this issue, these have so far proved insufficient. What can be done? 

The Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA) has recently rolled out a nationwide program to address this growing problem, one that is long overdue. This initiative plans to educate and sensitize the public on the issue, while managing existing strays. 

Stray animals present a unique challenge to communities across Malaysia, but MAWA is stepping up with a comprehensive program that provides education and improved management of our furry friends.


The Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA) is working hard to address this problem by launching their newest program, Trap, Neuter, Manage (TNM).

TNM is a nationwide stray management program created by MAWA that aims to humanely trap, neuter and manage strays. Through this program, it seeks to reduce the number of unwanted animals on the streets and to provide the necessary care for them over time. This remarkable collaborative effort between MAWA and its stakeholders aims to make Malaysia a better place for us all

“The cruelty of mankind to animals is one of the most significant and distressing characteristics of human societies”

― Jane Goodall, British primatologist and anthropologist

Learn how MAWA’s initiative assists in reducing the number of strays by introducing some much needed intervention strategies. Listed are the outcomes this program wishes to achieve

 - Develop an effective method for stray animal control and management.

 - Monitor and regulate the population of animals securely, with careful tracking of all strays from location to adoption or wellness checkups.

 - Utilize a network of vet professionals, shelters, and volunteer programs to help control the population. 

 - Alert the public of any dangerous or sick animals in their area quickly and efficiently. 

 - Reduce animal suffering by providing better care methods through our wide range of services.

To help Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA) implement their nationwide stray management program, you can contribute to their monthly operational costs. By doing this, MAWA will be able to focus on the nationwide issues without worrying about monthly expenses. You can pledge your contribution each month or make a one-time donation to help fund the project. As an alternative, you can also take part in different campaigns or events that MAWA holds throughout the year. 

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