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Adoption Drive

The stray animal population in Malaysia is on the rise. Many are left homeless and struggling to survive. They lack the necessary food, medical care and shelter they need and deserve. Moreover, they run the risk of getting injured, abused or facing an early death if left on their own. MAWA works hard to provide a safe place for abandoned and stray animals, providing them with veterinary care, food, and shelter while they look for loving homes. The adoption drive aims to encourage people to take in homeless animals as their own pet companions with love and care.


Hence, MAWA is calling all animal lovers to come forward and give these furry friends a second chance at life! By adopting one of these animals, you’ll be providing them with a loving home as well as reducing their numbers in Malaysia’s streets. Plus, by having your own special pet, you’ll have someone you can trust to always be there when you need some furry love! You won’t regret it – adopt today and make a lasting impact on the Malaysian Animal Welfare Association’s ultimate mission of ending homelessness for all animals in Malaysia! Here are some guidelines you need to know before adopting.

1. Know What You’re Getting Into

Adopting a pet is a life-long commitment that requires dedication, patience, and knowledge of animal behavior. Before making the decision to adopt, do your research to make sure it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle. Also find out about local ordinances or restrictions related to owning a pet in your area. 

2. Set Your Expectations

When adopting from MAWA, know that the process may take some time as our staff will be screening potential adopters to make sure they are equipped with the education and resources they need to care for an animal responsibly. 

3. Education & Resources

At MAWA, we provide educational materials and neutering vouchers specifically designed to aid future adopters with their animals as well as providing advice on how to best take care of members of their new family throughout their lives.

4. Meet Your Match 

There are many loving furry friends waiting for a forever home, so you can take your time looking through them until you find one who captures your attention and suits your needs best. 

5. Get To Know Them 

Once you've found a potential match for yourself, we encourage all future adopters to come meet the animal in person! This way you can get an idea if it would be an ideal fit for both you and the animal at hand — interact with it and observe its behavior before fully committing! 

6. Guidelines For a Smooth Transition 

We advise all adopters who decide on taking home one of our furry friends adhere consistently to the following guidelines: maintain regular vet checkups; give proper nutrition; provide enough space for movement; establish routine habits like feeding times; get them vaccinated early enough; set firm boundaries/rules within your household; give proper dosages of medications if necessary and finally refill any medication as required in case of illness or injury may happen during their lifetime with you! 

7. Finalize the Adoption Contract 

Once you have decided on which pet to bring home with you and all accompanying criteria have been met according requirements established by MAWA - then a finalized contract between yourself (the adopter) filled out prior with us is signed before bringing pets into your house officially - thereby affirming responsibility terms are met by both parties! Contact us via WhatsApp or Facebook today to find out more.

In conclusion, the Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA) adoption drive is an essential and important step towards improving the current situation of stray animals in Malaysia. By encouraging more people to adopt these animals, MAWA hopes to reduce the amount of strays on the streets and give these amazing pets a chance at finding a loving home. Through ample public awareness, increased legal representation for adoption seekers and volunteers, as well as access to services such as pet care education and counseling, we are confident that MAWA’s initiatives will help improve animal welfare standards nationwide.


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